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Warping - Distortion caused by moisture or lack of moisture in wood, and by overfiring in ceramics.

Water Glass - Silicate of sodium and water, used as a protective coating.

Wax - Substance derived from petrolatum refined to be soft, pliable, used for modeling and casting.

Wax, Positive - Wax cast from the mold that will be invested or coated with slurry then melted out. A bronze cast will result when molten bronze is poured into the cavity.

Wax Resist - In pottery and ceramics, the wax coating applied to the interior of kiln walls so glaze will not adhere to the walls in firing.

Wax Tools - Steel tools designed and produced for working with wax. They absorb heat and are especially shaped for their functions.

Weathering - Process of aging outdoors resulting in various colors or patina. Effects will differ depending on geography and climate.

Wedges - Triangular shaped wooden pegs that help secure the tightening of mold straps when casting large pieces.

Wedging - Cutting or rolling a clay body to force out internal air which can cause an explosion or damage when the clay is fired.

Wedging Board - Plaster based slab with a wire cutting device at a 45° angle for cutting pieces of clay to be wedged. May also be made without the cutting wire.

Weld - To bring separate parts together, as in jointing plaster, wax, clay, or bronze sections to form a completed piece.

White Lead - Highly toxic powder or paste with great binding ability. Sometimes used in ceramic glazes and house paint.

White Rubber - A two-part polyurethane rubber with a catalyst setting agent used in making rubber molds.

Whittler - One who works on handheld wood pieces with a small knife.

Woodcarver - Person who carves wood in three dimensions with tools and a mallet.

Woodworker - Person who works wood either by handheld or powered tools, as a cabinet maker, wood turner, etc.