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Ochre - Yellow iron used as a pigment in clays and glazes.

Octagon Handle - Wood handle with 8 sides used for wood carving tools and rasps. The handle’s shape gives the user a good grip.

Opacity - State of a substance impervious to rays of light.

Opaque Alabaster - Medium hard grade carving stone, indigenous to Italy and the western United States, through which light cannot pass.

Organic Forms - Containing carbon.

Organic Materials - Materials produced without chemical aid.

Original - First model or cast produced by a sculptor.

Oversized Handle - Large, normally round, handle used for wood carving with the larger sweep tools, generally over 2 inches in diameter.

Oxblood - Reddish medium brown color used as a pigment for glazes.

Oxidation - Color change in metals due to exposure to oxygen; forms a patina or coloration on bronze statues.

Oxide - A binary compound of oxygen with another element.

Ozark Stone - An extremely fine grain sharpening stone from the southern region of the United States used to sharpen wood and stone carving tools.