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Kaolin - White clay used in pottery and ceramics as a filler or extender.

Kerf - A width or cut made by a cutting saw or torch.

Key, Key Groove - A square or circular indentation made in or on a mold wall to prevent the halves from shifting while casts are being poured.

Kick Wheel - Potter’s wheel turned manually by kicking with the foot. The base of the wheel or flywheel is formed of cement bricks or heavy metal.

Kiln - Gas, electric, or wood burning oven or chamber that can be heated to extremely high temperatures for glazing and firing ceramics or pottery.

Kiln Furniture - Shelves, posts, stilts, and holding devices for pottery and ceramic pieces, used in the firing process of a kiln.

Kiln Wash - Used on the interior walls of a kiln so glazes and clay will not adhere to its shelves or walls. It is a dry material, not meant to wash the kiln.

Kits, Sculpture - Sets of primary tools designed for specific uses in various sculpture fields such as ceramics, wood, stone, and wax.

Knife Rasp - Tooth rasp rounded on one end and shaped like a knife blade on the other, specifically designed and produced for wood and stone sculpture.