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Igneous Rock - Formed by solidification of molten magma, volcanic rock.

Igniter - Device used to start a kiln (wood or gas) torch.

Impregnated Plaster Gauze - Also known as Paris craft, trade name of Johnson & Johnson, Co.; discontinued since the mid 1980’s. Gauze strips impregnated with plaster which when soaked in water, become active and malleable. When set they form a strong hard plaster piece. Also used in the medical profession for plaster casts.

Ingot - Molded block of solid material (lead, bronze, silver, etc.) so fashioned for storage purposes.

Inlay - To rub, beat, or fuse into an incision in wood, metal, or stone.

Insulating Brick - Material made of fired clay, used for walls of an electric or gas fired kiln.

In The Round - Three-dimensional piece of sculpture, generally of stone or wood.

Investment - In bronze casting, an outer layer, slurry, or coating that can withstand the heat of the bronze after the wax model has been melted away.

Iron Oxide - Any of several oxides of iron, used in the ceramic field for glazes.

Italian Tools - The finest tools available, although high in price, have been made by hand for centuries by Italian craftsmen, for example, a hand-made rasp where the teeth are punched in one at a time.