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Gate, Gating - A single vent used to allow gas to escape during casting of sculpture. A series of gates and vents are used with more difficult pieces where air bubbles may form. A Gating System is a series of vents that allow gases to escape from the mold in the casting process of molten metals to avoid air pockets, damage, or even explosions.

Gelatin - Horsehide glue used in the early 1900’s for hollow cavity molds. It has been replaced with chemical and natural rubber materials, such as latex and polyurethane.

Gemstone - A precious or semi-precious stone used in jewelry.

Gesso - Liquid sealer used by artists over canvas for better adhesion of oils and paints. Can also be used in sculpture as a sealer for molds.

Gild - To overlay with a coat of gold, used in sculpture creating a type of patina.

Glass - A transparent or translucent substance consisting of a mixture of silicates. Used in ceramics for glazes.

Glaze - To coat or cover with glass or silicates and pigments that will fuse together for decorative effect on ceramics.

Glue Pot - Heated container used to melt gelatin pellets to a liquid state for mold making in hollow cavity molds.

Gouge - A “u” shaped tool used to cut a furrow in stone or wood. Width of its cutting edge and sweep (depth of curve) vary in size.

Granite - Hard natural igneous rock used in building and monuments. Occasionally used by stone sculptors for carving but due to its hardness is not considered a primary carving stone.

Greenware - In ceramics, the first casting of items prior to firing. The items are fragile and porous and the seam lines must be cleaned and repaired before bisque firing.

Grinder - An electric or foot powered device used to shape or sharpen steel tools for stone, wood, and plaster work.

Grog - Fired clay ground to small mesh and added to clay bodies to enhance their strength for working in large pieces; also gives texture. Mesh (granular size) varies from powder to sand grit and larger.

Gypsum - Hydrous calcium sulfate primarily used with plaster products, pottery plaster, casting plaster, Hydrocal, and Hydrostone.