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Earthenware Clay - Slightly porous clay fired at low temperatures.

Eldorado Stand - Trade name of Sculpture House, Inc. A medium strength modeling stand with gear crank raising and lowering device, three-legged, collapsible, can hold 200 pounds of working material.

Electric Wheel - Potter’s wheel run by electricity either at fixed variable speeds or with variable speed foot pedals. May be run with belts or cones; can throw up to 50 or more pounds of clay at one time. Specifications will vary with the manufacturer.

Electrode - A conductor used to establish electrical contact with a nonmetallic part or circuit.

Electrolyte - A nonmetallic electrical conductor in which current is carried by the movement of ions. Used in electroplating castings.

Enameling - Covering, inlaying, or decorating with a colorful surface by fusion of an opaque, nitrous composition to metal.

Epoxy Resin - A multiple-part casting material; when mixed with a catalyst, it becomes hard plastic.

Epsom Salt - Colorless white crystalline salt, hydrate magnesium sulfate with cathartic properties. Used with ceramic glaze and in firing techniques.

Extruding - Mixing and forming clay or plastilina into rounds or squares for storage to allow the molecular structure to migrate.