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Acid Bath - A term used in heat treating and tempering of steel.

Acrylic - A thermoplastic resin, created by mixing proportionate parts of plastic components together, used for cast and molded parts; can be clear or colored.

Adalox Paper - Trade name of Norton Co. Grit paper of Carborundum ranging in mesh from 220 to 1200 used for sanding and finishing. The higher the number, the finer the grit.

Adz - Type of double-sided swing tool used to reduce large geometric areas from logs.

Aging - The process wherein a molecular change occurs with a moist or oil-base clay causing a physical reaction to the nature of the material.

Air Floated - A process that eliminates foreign particles from a clay body, making it pure or refined.

Alabaster - A gypsum stone indigenous to Spain, Italy, and the Northwest United States. It can be opaque, translucent, colored, or banded; a dense calcite. A medium-grade carving stone.

Alcohol - Colorless flammable liquid used as a thinning agent or solvent; used to thin or remove shellac from a model.

Alcohol Lamp - Used to heat modeling tools for wax detailing; alcohol fueled with wick or possible spout for flame direction.

Alginate - A derivative of marine algae used in mold making and casting; used for small flat items only because of its tendency to tear or rip.

Alloy - Metal compounds fused together when molten to form bronze for casting. Different component parts will result in different types of bronze.

Almaloy Wire – Also known as aluminum wire. Pliable aluminum wire used for internal support of sculptures; in gauges ranging from 1/16 inches to 3/8 inches.

Aluminum - Malleable light silver-colored metal that resists oxidation (discoloration such as patina).

Amorphous - Having no defined shape or form such as free form sculpture.

Anatomical - Structural make-up of human or animal body parts.

Anneal - To heat and cool steel so that the metal is not brittle.

Apron - Generally cotton, duck, canvas or leather used for protection against clay, plaster and dirt in the classroom or studio.

Arch - To form or bend into a desired shape as in architecture.

Argillaceous - Containing clay or clay minerals.

Arc Welding - Molding steel or metal with electrical current.

Arkansas Stone - Sharpening stone used to hone wood and stone carving tools

Armature - An internal support to hold the outer covering of a sculpture; may be made of various materials such as wood, wax, steel, but generally almaloy or aluminum wire.

Armature Wire – See Almaloy Wire.

Art Plaster - Trade name of U.S. Gypsum Co. A gypsum material with an extremely high absorption rate primarily used in ceramic slip casting molds.

Artware - Trade name of Sculpture House Inc.; a low-fire ceramic moist clay that vitrifies at Cone 04.

Atelier - Studio or workshop, usually of an artist, derived from French.

Autoclave – Apparatus in which using superheated steam under extreme pressure for purification purposes.

Aventurine - A type of translucent quartz with traces of mica throughout.