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Welcome to Sculpture House!


In 1883 John Ettl immigrated from Hungary to the US and founded the Ettl Studios in New York City. Ettl Studios was known for the creation of monumental castings. Joined by his sons Charles and Alex in 1918, the family expanded the business with the addition of hand crafted sculpture tool production. Very quickly, Ettl Studios was as well known for its unparalleled tool manufacturing as it was for its monumental castings, thus prompting the name change to Sculpture House in 1942.

My family purchased the company in 1965 and by 1973 Standard Clay Mines, Sculpture Associates and National Sculpture Services were combined under one roof into Sculpture House, as it is known today.

Our Executive Offices and Distribution Facility, for tools, clay and accessories, are located in Fort Pierce,Florida. The highly experienced master craftsmen of our Partners, the Bassoli family, forge,weld, and grind our tools from raw steel, in our plant in Olgiate Molgora, Italy.

It is our mission to produce the world’s finest and most complete line of tools and accessories for the five primary disciplines of sculpture:

Clay Modeling

Mold Making & Casting

Stone Carving

Wood Carving


In 2008, Sculpture House celebrated 125 years providing quality sculptor’s tools and materials to professional and amateur sculptors alike. All of us look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come.

Dedicated to maintaining the life of sculpture, we hope to add in some small way to your exploration into the wonderful world of Clay Modeling, Mold Making & Casting, Stone Carving, Wood Carving and Ceramics. No matter what your specific goals, we look forward to hearing from you.

As always, you will find every member of the Sculpture House staff more than willing to answer any questions about our products. Please contact us at your convenience.