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African Soapstone

Our newest imported stones from Kenya are medium hard soapstones. Beautiful stones when polished to a high sheen, we offer the following:

  • Ebony Soapstone - Our newest imported stone from Kenya is a medium hard soapstone. This pure soapstone's uniform deep black color allows the sculptor to carve freely. Beautiful stone when polished to a high sheen. Its MOHS hardness is between 3 and 3.5.
  • Cream Soapstone - This soapstone has light to medium cream and white shades throughout making it a fairly pure stone to carve. Its MOHS hardness is 2.
  • Grey Soapstone - This mostly pure soapstone's light grey color while predominant may also include shades of purple. its MOHS hardness is 3.
  • Pink Soapstone - This soapstone has light to medium pink and mauve shades predominantly with a chance of cream variations throughout making it an interesting stone to carve. Its MOHS hardness is 3.

Any "rust-colored" sediment on the stones are easily removed by washing the stones together with the actual carving process. It is a natural phenomenon of stone quarries.

All weights are approximate.

Please note, the stones in this image have not been finished or polished. The stone you will receive is unfinished and will vary according to your finishing techniques. In addition, the shapes of individual stones, which are cut by hand, may vary. And finally, the colors of the stone you receive with your order may vary from the colors of the sample stone on your screen. The stone pictured is not the stone you will receive.

Sculpture House strongly recommends that proper protective equipment be worn at all times when sculpting - Safety First