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Italian Hand-Cut Rasps

Sculpture House has partnered with B&B Artigiana to bring hand-made, hand-crafted Italian tools to you. Produced by the next generation of Master Craftsmen, these hand-forged sculpting rasps are the benchmark for stone and wood carvers worldwide.

For the sculptor, a set of rasps are among the most valuable tools to own. Having the right variation of shapes, sizes, and coarseness of the teeth allows the carver to follow the contours of the sculpture with ease, bringing every detail to life.

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The tools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. The palette shaped tools have flexible ends and are generally used in smoothing, mold making, and for mold repairs. Those with heavier stiff or firm ends are used for carving, scraping, and finishing.

It is with great pride that we introduce our Milan and Portofino Series of rasps, our series of Italian tools made with particular attention to innovative design and stringent production standards. Ranging from 6” in length to 12”, these rasps are made from C100 Italian carbon steel and are ideal for stone, wood and plaster.

To see our partners in action, please go to Creattiwood to view a short video highlighting wood carving tools and rasps, including a peek into hand punching the teeth on rasps. Although the video is in Italian, we think you will enjoy seeing our Master Craftsmen at work!


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