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PRIMA Plastilina

PRIMA Plastilina

PRIMA Plastilina is an all natural professional-grade modeling material formulated sulfur-free. PRIMA is oil- and wax-based and will become more pliable over time. Since it does not contain water, it will not harden; heat will not adversely affect the modeling clay.

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Our PRIMA modeling clay is a medium consistency, ideal for sculpting heads, busts and figures. This smooth-working, premium-grade clay is a favorite among the best sculptors.

Color: Tan.

Packaged as follows:

  • 2-lb. Unit
  • Case/20 2-lb. units/40 lbs.
  • 5-lb. Unit
  • Case/4 5-lb. units/20 lbs.

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Made in U.S.A.

Sculpture House strongly recommends that proper protective equipment be worn at all times when sculpting - Safety First

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PRIMA Plastilina - 2 lbs.

PRIMA Plastilina - 2 lbs.

PRIMA Plastilina - 2 lbs.
Price: $13.75
PRIMA - 40-lb. Case

PRIMA Plastilina - 40-lb. Case

PRIMA Plastilina - Non-Sulfur - Case - 20 2-lb. Units
Price: $264.00
PRIMA Plastilina - 5 lbs.

PRIMA Plastilina - 5 lbs.

PRIMA - 5 lbs.
Price: $37.00
PRIMA Plastilina - 20-lb. Case

PRIMA Plastilina - 20-lb. Case

PRIMA Plastilina - Non-Sulfur - Case - 4 5-lb. Units
Price: $140.00