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Stainless Steel Tools

Made of stainless steel, these tools can be used in sculpting, mold making, and casting, with wax, plaster, plastilina, or moist clay. Similar in design and function as the high carbon steel tools, using the stainless steel tools has one very important distinction – they are rust-resistant.

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The tools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. The palette shaped tools have flexible ends and are generally used in smoothing, mold making, and for mold repairs. Those with heavier stiff or firm ends are used for carving, scraping, and finishing.

Usually each end performs a separate function: serrated edges give texture and substance and remove material; curved or hook ends are used for pulling or scraping; cutting or modeling ends for scraping and carving, and rounded, flat ends for smoothing. The finer steel tools are used for retouching and small detail work.


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