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Wire End Modeling Tools

Wire end tools will vary with the type of wire used for cutting and the sculpting material the tool will be cutting. When working with wax and plastilina, a tool with a somewhat sharper cutting edge is necessary since the material is firmer and more detail work may be desired. Certain types of wax, roman casting in particular, will need a sharp edge (This type of tool can also be used with ceramic clay when it is in the leather-hard state.) Working on set plaster will also require a heavy sharp cutting edge.

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Ceramic sculptors generally use tools with half-round or semi-sharp cutting edges, or a combination tool with one wire end and one smoothing end. Since ceramic clay is so soft the tool need not have a great deal of cutting ability.

While there may be slight variations among producers of wire end tools, the major types include: single wire end, double wire end, and combination of single wire and plain modeling end. These tools have the following types of cutting ends: soft round, semi-sharpened, heavy sharpened, half round, serrated (curved) and thin round. The metal used by Sculpture House to make the wire ends is high carbon steel.


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