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Stone Carving Recommendations

Stone Carving is one of my most favorite forms of sculpting. From the individually shaped carving tools to the vast range of exquisite carving stones, the artist can create an infinite number of carvings each unique unto itself.

The tools I have selected as my recommendations encompass those that are the basic implements a beginner and/or accomplished carver would go to first. They include:

  • 4-tooth chisel, a type of rake, used for the geometric reduction of stone
  • medium flat chisel, a finishing tool used before the final abrasive finishing, rasping, and sanding
  • 1.5-lb. hammer, for striking the tooth and flat chisels
  • 6" and 8" rasps used in the finishing process after your basic carving is completed
  • rasp brush for keeping the teeth of your rasps clean for better rasping - a must-have

For carving stones, I recommend you start with a soapstone, the softest carving stone, and/or alabaster, a medium hard stone. The two here are both blocks giving you nice, clean lines to begin your carving.

My final recommendation to you, the stone carver, is to use your imagination and by all means, have fun!