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Fish Tails
Long Bents
Honing Oil
Highly refined oil for lubricating your sharpening stones when sharpening. Prevents pores clogging and improper sharpening. 4 oz. Plastic bottle.

Made in U.S.A.


Encaustic art is an ancient form of painting, also known as hot wax painting. Using a beeswax-based paint, the artist applies the heated material (kept molten on a heated palette or by using a heat stylus) to a prepared surface, which can include wood, card stock, pottery and even paper. Encaustic is extremely versatile in that it can be polished, sculpted, textured, layered and scraped. The art form has been enjoying a resurgence since the 1990's.

Sculpture House worked closely with renowned Encaustic artists as well as the premier manufacturer of encaustic paint, and has designed and crafted a line of scrapers and texturing tools to enhance the ability of encaustic painters to build, layer and texture surfaces within their encaustic works in new exciting ways.

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